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            Welcome to [ Jiangsu omg plate heat exchanger manufactur Co., Ltd. ] website!

            we are:

            A group of in the heat exchanger in the field of product application, research and development, design, production, sales and service for many years of professional personnel, and brought together for a common faith and ideal, a strong team is full of passion and vitality of the courage to explore, innovation and practice.

            we follow the principle:

            first man, after doing

            it, seek common ground, to join the development of

            the products and services we offer:

            all kinds of plate heat exchanger and spare parts manufacturing, foreign trade export, OEM foundry

            various brands of plate heat exchangers, gaskets, manufacturing, export and domestic

            technical consultation, product design, manufacture and sale of all kinds of semi welding

            Copy right of the 2017 Jiangsu omg plate heat exchanger manufactur Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved

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